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Session Information

Session Information

Session Information

Each of my sessions are customized for you and your family. Are you morning or evening people (For family sessions and films)? Do you want to know what it looks like when your child crawls into your bed in the morning, or see that special routine at bedtime, or witness how much you value those snuggly afternoon naps more than (almost) anything?

And if you’re worried that your littles might not be on their best behaviour, you can relax. With the kinds of sessions I do, your kids get to be kids. The goal here isn’t to document a perfect version of your life, it’s to capture the REAL version of your life. Because the hard stuff is worth remembering too. And the personalities that come out when kids are free to be themselves is way better than whatever our grown up pre-concieved notions of them are. It’s all about meeting kids where they are, keeping things relaxed, and going with the flow. It’s what I do best.

Pricing? Questions? Concerns? We'll talk alllll about it when you get in touch.

 I offer the option of films and/or photos for each of my sessions. A family film captures the essence of your family. It’s like pressing pause for one day to record your memories, giving you the ability to replay them any time that you like. Photos are classic, timeless records of the beautiful life you’re living. They become the art for your walls, and the keepers of your family’s story. You can choose one or the other, but the most popular choice for most clients is both.

If you had 60 seconds to grab everything in your house that means the most to you, your film and your photos will be on that list.

What's involved? It's an easy, laid-back day. I'm less like a photographer asking you to look at me and smile, and more like a friend hanging out with you who just happened to bring her camera. I won’t be shooting the whole time, instead picking moments to document as I see them.

Through this different perspective, expect lots of tears and laughs when you get to see just how wonderful your life together is as you gather around the computer to see your photos and snuggle up on the couch to watch your film. Ideal for the family who wants to remember all the nuances of everyday life and celebrate the importance of the here and now. It all begins with a phone consult with me where we’ll plan your session around what’s most meaningful to you.


All studio newborn sessions take place in my Cumming, GA studio. All sessions include access to my extensive collection of bonnets, wraps, clothing items, and props—sourced locally, nationally, and internationally! I prefer to capture newborns before they hit the three week mark; this will ensure that they are still at their sleepiest and tiniest, allowing me to capture them at this perfect yet fleeting stage!

*Please CONTACT ME for further pricing and session information*


+For travel sessions, one night accomodation + flights costs to your location will be added to your session fee.

+Each session package booked with photos includes a 16 x 24 print for your home (does not include Golden Light Session.)

+Full day and half day Photo + Video Session package booked includes a high resolution digital photo frame with HD video playback for their video.

+A 20% deposit of the session fee is required to secure your date.


+ 1. What happens after I book?

After you book your session, then I send you a questionnaire and we get on the phone to chat. Included in your session fee is a phone consult with me to plan your session around what’s the most meaningful to you. I’ll ask you questions that will give me details I need to know about your family, and help you decide what parts of your everyday life you want to capture in a film. The responses I’ve had from clients I’ve worked with before is that the kids cry when they watch their film almost as much as the parents do. It is an investment you’ll never regret making. It’s the story of your family, through the lens of a mother who feels as deeply as you do that time is slipping away too quickly. 

+ 2. Why book a film + photo session?

Because in 30 years from now, your children deserve to have a glimpse of what everyday life was like when they were little. Because in 30 years from now, YOU deserve to be reminded of how far you’ve come, and how much of yourself you gave to your kids. Exploring nature, braiding unruly hair, cooking meals together, snuggling in bed, kissing imaginary bruises, washing tiny babies, building forts in the living room, playing, and living together as a family. These are all the things that make up the magic of childhood and deserve to be documented and treasured for forever and ever. 

+ 3. What will the session be like? We've only done family photo sessions in the past, will it be like that?

I capture moments naturally as they unfold, and although it might feel a little weird at first having me there while you go about your normal life I promise you'll get comfortable quickly. With video, it's easiest for everyone if we make a plan for your session together beforehand, and then you take the lead by just doing your thing together while I shoot what organically unfolds. But don't worry only the very best, most important moments will end up in the completed film. It won't be a montage of your child's temper tantrums (unless you want that! Although I'm guessing you don't). I'm less like a photographer asking you to smile at the camera, and more like a friend hanging out with you who just happened to bring their camera along. The best part about that is, there's no pressure for the kids to behave or look perfect. You can simply relax and be yourselves, and leave the rest to me. For specific sessions, I do give a little bit more guidance, especially if there's specific audio that you want to capture. 

+ 4. We so badly want to invest in this, but money is a little tight. Can we arrange a payment plan?

Of course! I completely understand that's a large investment for most families. I can set up a payment plan custom to your needs. Get in touch and we can work out the details.

+ 5. Do you do extended family sessions?

No, unfortunately I'm not able to accommodate extended families or large group bookings at this time.

+ 6. Do you do weddings?

No, unfortunately I'm not able to accommodate wedding bookings at this time.

+ 6. Do you include RAW images?

No, I do not ever release RAW images.