Amanda Nicole


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Hi! I’m Amanda

I have always been a creative and artistic person. My favorite thing to do growing up was to look through old family photo albums. It was fascinating to me to see so many moments captured from the past. Like I was traveling back in time, I could see my grand- parents and parents in their youth and as young adults. These are memories that molded my future.

I grew up drawing, creating and doing “photoshoots” long before I knew where my future would take me. I went to SCAD (Atlanta) for Graphic Design and I would think to myself and wonder, how people go to school for photography as it is such an oversaturated market.

Photography, however, found me. Someone once saw potential in a young new mother who felt lost in her stage of life and quite literally placed a camera in her hands. I became passionate about capturing moments that would would otherwise become distant memories or worse, forgotten. I want to evoke emotion in my clients. More than just picture perfect memories I want to freeze a moment in time, a feeling, an emotion.

I want to connect with my clients on a different level, know who they truly are and their family’s unique story. I want them to feel comfortable enough to share what is really meaningful to them. Capture the real connections, love, laughter and the perfectly imperfect reality that is their lives. In return providing them with images and/or a short film that breathe life into those memories.

I want the families that hire me to trust in me and my abilities to create beautiful images for them without any pressure to perform or be anything but themselves. People tend to feel more comfortable and at ease in their own homes with their family, which is why I chose this documentary style of presenting my art. Preserving memories and stories that can be handed down for generations is my passion.

As for myself, I am a wife and mother of three crazy boys and lover of food and cooking! I am a friend to all and a loving woman trying to make my mark in this crazy thing we call life. I would love to talk to you more about what you are looking for with regard to your experience with me - please feel free to reach out.

“We had the most beautiful and fun photoshoot with Amanda! She was great with our kids and took the most authentic photos of us.It is very obvious how devoted Amanda is to her work.Amanda is not just taking photos, she is creating art that will last families through generations!”


Atlantas best newborn photographer