Why Choose Amanda Nicole Photography?

  Your little love just arrived and you want to make sure you REMEMBER this time with your newborn - down to the very last detail. PLEASE be sure to do your research and don't just choose someone because they may be the least expensive, there's usually a reason - this is not just any other photo session - this is your child. This is a session that needs to be provided by someone that is knowledgeable in how to handle your love and most importantly, the SAFETY of your little miracle. I have studied, and trained from the best photographers around the world and taught these incredibly important skills. It is NOT a skill everyone posses (most do not) and you should never assume this about a photographer.....research!!!

A newborn session with me is not just about clicking a button - it is a about creating an experience like no one else can provide. 

Here is a look at the art that is created for you - the session is far from over after our time together!