Baby Jade

Miracle Baby- Baby Jade


   Right before Christmas I had the most amazing little gal in the studio!!!!! This little lady came in at a whopping 4lbs. at 3 months old. Jade had severe IUGR & her sweet momma was told she would more than likely not make it, but she DID!!!, at 31-32 weeks gestation Jade was born at 1lb. I wanted it to be an amazing shoot!!!! This sweet little gal is such a miracle. She was so beautiful, small and fragile. Everything about her was perfect. Although she wasn't easily posed like a new-newborn, she would do just about anything nice and swaddled. My best tip for anyone photographing older babies is SWADDLE!!!!! Got a harder baby...SWADDLE. I went so long in this business not knowing this, but, its a life saver once you realize how much you can really do with a swaddled baby!!! TIP* have a base swaddle so you don't have to un-swaddle overtime you color/wrap change!!! That way they stay happy. Baby Jade had such an awesome, loving and beautiful family!!!! They were wonderful to chat with during her newborn session. I am just thankful they realized how important these photos are. Your baby is only so little for so long. and these photos last a lifetime <3 

Enjoy a sneak peak from Jade's Newborn Session: